Black Tor is celebrating three World Beer Awards with Devonshire Pale Ale (DPA) 4.5%abv winning World’s Best Pale English-style Pale Ale & Country Winner, and Pride of Dartmoor 4%abv winning Silver.

There were more than 2,200 beers from more than 50 countries entered into this year’s awards, and judges blind tasted and scored the entries across three rounds of judging. Traditionally, all tastings are held in person, with judges gathering across the globe. However, this year proved to be a challenge. Instead of bringing the judges to the beers, the beers were brought to the judges. Black-wrapped and sent across the Europe, Asia, Canada and Brazil, our judges tasted the beers at home and connected for each session over Zoom.

Adrian Tierney-Jones, Chair of the World Beer Awards, said: “This year’s winners in the World Beer Awards demonstrate the verve and vitality of brewers and their wonderful beers around the globe. The category winners are to be congratulated on their successes, but I would also like to thank the judges in the UK, Germany, North America, Japan and Brazil for the dedication and professionalism they have shown especially during these challenging times.”


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